Fair. Weather. Friends.

Each year since I’ve been back in Huntsville, each Labor Day weekend, I’ve thought, “Oh, I really should go to the fair.” And each year, I’ve not. I’ve been out of town. Something came up. I procrastinated. Life got in the way. And the next year, the cycle would repeat.

So last night, I went to the fair. I needed to not. I should have been home getting ready for this weekend. But I refused to go another year of “I oughtta …”

And it was awesome. It was the fair, just like when I was a kid.

I rode rides. I ate things that had been deep fried. I played a game. I won something. I ate a funnel cake while watching death-defying motorcyclist ride circles around each other inside the Globe of Death. So fun! Plus, it was a beautiful night!

It was like being a kid, mostly. With three exceptions —

— Adult David was willing to go on rides that Kid David wouldn’t.

— Adult David went on the centrifuge ride, and tried to figure out how many G’s he was pulling. Clearly it was more than 1-G eyeballs in, since I got the sensation of lying on my back, and it was enough to keep me in place upside-down. (The fair ride unique versus other hyper-G rides I’ve been on, since it’s open and tilting, which means there are points where you can see the ground, but are experiencing “gravity” pulling you away from the ground, which is off-nominal.) On the other hand, I could move my hands and arms pretty easily, more easily, if I recall correctly, than I could at 1.8-or-so-G on my Zero-G flight. So I’m guessing somewhere in between? Yeah, I’m a nerd.

— Adult David thought it would be a lot of fun to take pictures of the fair while he was there, as you can see at the top of this entry. He also shot some video, some of which is posted on Facebook. In the process of having his iPhone out to take pictures and video, he also responded to a couple of text messages he got on one of the rides. Adult David is normally immune to motion sickness, but it turns out that he’s not bulletproof in that respect. Enough time spent staring at a small screen which shows jerking motion while actually experiencing jerking motion will make Adult David more than a little queasy. In fact, Adult David is getting dizzy just typing this.

Now, here’s hoping I don’t end up waiting another 20 years to do it again!

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