I Need Better Titles For These Weekend Updates

When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.

OK, yeah, that’s part of the weekend update in a way. Ten blogpoints to the person who can identify the source (without Googling). I totally need to bring back the blogpoint prizes from my old blog. Hmmm …

This weekend saw three or four firsts, which always makes me happy:

— I watched Top Gun for the first time. The fact that I’ve never seen it has come up in conversations with different people over the last year, and so in June I bought it for Blu-Ray, and finally got around to watching it this weekend. Good stuff.

— A lesser one, but for readers in the Huntsville area, I went to The Coffee Tree in Jones Valley for the first time. It’s a combination of an impressively versatile coffee shop and a used bookstore, which makes it rather cool in my opinion. They also have live performers on a regular basis, which is also rather neat.

— I accidentally played my first game of disc golf this weekend, or at least most of one. My pastor (hmmm … I’m going to have to figure out a way of distinguishing between my pastors now — for the time being, Greg remains MY pastor, I think) had mentioned that he was going to be playing. He talks about it a good bit, and a few other friends are into it, so I wanted to go see what it was all about, planning on doing nothing but watching for a few minutes. Greg insisted that watching wasn’t allowed, and had my join them the remaining fourteen holes(?). I was horrible. I mean, impressively bad. Considering that all I was doing was throwing a frisbee, you would think it would have gone closer to where I wanted it to more often. I mean, like, in at least the right general direction sort of thing. Being a guy, I decided that clearly the solution is I need to go spend money on equipment. As a result, I also went into a big-box sporting goods store this weekend for the first time, though decided I needed to go somewhere with a larger selection before buying anything.

— I went hiking again, briefly, and only got rained on a little. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but it really sort of defeats the purpose to hike somewhere that has such a great cellphone signal. That said, Sunday evening I was grateful for a good friend, and, if I really wanted to, I could just turn the phone off.

— I watched (500) Days of Summer, but I’ve already written about that. I also watched the shuttle launch, which I’ve at least alluded to.

— I’ve had the discussion recently with friends about music at church. Basically, the opinion had been expressed that contemporary praise choruses are inferior to traditional hymns because they lack substance, that hymns generally have solid theology while the choruses focus on an empty emotional high. At church Sunday, we sang one of each. The hymn was “Jesus Paid it All / All to Him I Owe.” I’m not sure how it would be ranked, but it does at least talk about sin and Calvary. The chorus of one of the praise songs, on the other hand, was “I’m begging You to help me see / You’re all I want / You’re all I need / Oh, satisfy me, Lord.” And, you know, even if the song lacked the same depth, I think there’s enough just in those lines there that I could spend the rest of my life on just getting that part and never really master it.

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