Weekend, Etc. Update

Been meaning to write this for a while now, so it’ll be more than just the weekend, and will be more nuggety than usual, ’cause I gotta be quick.

— I played Wii for the first time this past weekend. Good fun. I played bowling and Super Mario Galaxy. Bowling was fun. While I was better at it than real bowling, I was impressed with how accurately it captured why I’m bad at real bowling. Mario made me feel old. I remember when you needed one button and a joystick to play Mario; it’s a bit more complicated these days.

— I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife last week. Good stuff. Beautiful and bittersweet. I’d always wanted to read it, but when I heard they were making the movie, decided that I would hold off and watch it instead, despite the fact that earlier this year I could have easily borrowed a copy, for which I feel bad — I’d like to fancy myself the sort who would give the book predence over the movie, but, even when I had easy access to a free copy, I still held off for the movie. I’m apparently becoming part of the unwashed masses. So sad. 😉

— I watched District 9 this weekend. Rather dark. Somewhat thought-provoking, though I was expecting more from what I’d heard people say about it. Despite the fact that I enjoy that sort of movie, I had the evil thought that I would love to see the studio give the rights to another director who would make a mindless, non-stop-action sequel to it. (Except, really, in my opinion, District 9 was really just a prequel to Independence Day.)

— Reconnecting with old friends is good, but having old friends that you don’t even have to reconnect with is even better. I visited with someone this weekend that I’d not really spent much time with in 13 years, and yet we can pick up from there without missing a beat, and that’s rather cool.

— Someday I’m going to write a blog post about what question you would ask if you could ask anyone any question and get an honest answer, but not today. Purely apropos of nothing, of course.

— I got to participate in another long-form improv scene at Friday night’s Face2Face show, essentially a 20-minute play we made up on the spot. This one started with probably the darkest, most dramatic work we’ve ever done in a show, and it was interesting to watch it unfold from there.

— I watched Man Versus Wild this weekend for the first time ever. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a guy that pokes stuff with sticks, and bites things. We eventually started just rooting for him to do one of those two things to everything he encountered, and were rarely disappointed.

— I ate at P.F. Chang’s today and the waitress doused me with Sprite. FWIW.

— We started a new Sojourn-home-Bible-study Journey Group last night. I’ve been going to one group for months now, but agreed to be one of two people from that group to strike out and start a new one. The other person who left was hosting it in her home, and there were two people who were joining us as the leaders of the new group. As of yesterday afternoon, we weren’t sure there would be anyone there but the four of us. It turns out, there were 10; which was a pretty decent-size Journey Group. It was very cool to see how God rewarded Michelle’s faithfulness in being willling to leave her comfort zone and open up her home for the new group.

— The weather is changing. I like it.

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