Yet Another Weekend Update

Why do I post these? I don’t know. Does anyone care? I doubt it. Is it just narcissism? Probably. Alas.

That said — highlights, briefly, of the weekend:

Celebrated my brother’s birthday. Matthew turned 21. Jonathan turns 30 later this year. Both brother’s celebrating milestones this year; I’m 34. How dull is that? I got to see the niece and nephew again. Yay!

Cool stuff in the mail when I got home Friday. See post below.

Discovered that Matthew is in the latest issue of Popular Science, in a tiny picture. Very cool. Between that and book reviews, Jonathan is the only brother that hasn’t been in a major science or technology magazine in the past year. I’m sure our parents are proud of him anyway.

Went kayaking again Saturday with good friends. Had a good time. I’m really digging both kayaking and hiking, and wishing I’d been more open to outdoors activities in the past.

Went to my house-church Saturday night for the first time since June. It’d been too long. I am so so so blessed to have this church family. Very amazing how the discussion Saturday responded directly to what I’d heard in church in Tuscaloosa the Sunday before; my notes from the one flow directly into the other. God’s creative, you know?

Church on Sunday morning at Sojourn. My mom came; given the unlikeliness of her ever attending church in a brewery, a very very very sweet and loving gesture. They showed the video I was in, which was incredibly well done. Made me look good.

Read the last five days’ worth of newspapers, which I was behind on. I mention this only so I can use the newspaper tag again on this entry.

Mildly productive at home Sunday, but not nearly as much as I needed to be. This is becoming all too frequent.

Party last night for improv troupemate’s 30th birthday. Good time with friends.

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