Yet Another Weekend Update

Why do I post these? I don’t know. Does anyone care? I doubt it. Is it just narcissism? Probably. Alas.

That said — highlights, briefly, of the weekend:

Celebrated my brother’s birthday. Matthew turned 21. Jonathan turns 30 later this year. Both brother’s celebrating milestones this year; I’m 34. How dull is that? I got to see the niece and nephew again. Yay!

Cool stuff in the mail when I got home Friday. See post below.

Discovered that Matthew is in the latest issue of Popular Science, in a tiny picture. Very cool. Between that and book reviews, Jonathan is the only brother that hasn’t been in a major science or technology magazine in the past year. I’m sure our parents are proud of him anyway.

Went kayaking again Saturday with good friends. Had a good time. I’m really digging both kayaking and hiking, and wishing I’d been more open to outdoors activities in the past.

Went to my house-church Saturday night for the first time since June. It’d been too long. I am so so so blessed to have this church family. Very amazing how the discussion Saturday responded directly to what I’d heard in church in Tuscaloosa the Sunday before; my notes from the one flow directly into the other. God’s creative, you know?

Church on Sunday morning at Sojourn. My mom came; given the unlikeliness of her ever attending church in a brewery, a very very very sweet and loving gesture. They showed the video I was in, which was incredibly well done. Made me look good.

Read the last five days’ worth of newspapers, which I was behind on. I mention this only so I can use the newspaper tag again on this entry.

Mildly productive at home Sunday, but not nearly as much as I needed to be. This is becoming all too frequent.

Party last night for improv troupemate’s 30th birthday. Good time with friends.


I write.

It’s what I do. It’s a huge part of who I am. I wish I did it better. I’m already wishing the blog post you’re not even two paragraphs into were pithier or something. I wish that last sentence had ended with something better than “or something.” But writing is one of the few things that I consider to be truly integral about me. Wherever life takes me, I can’t imagine it leaving my love affair with words in the past.

And Friday was a day that really captured that for me, thanks to a very neat juxtaposition of items waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home that evening.

Five-and-a-half years after I began working on Homesteading Space: The Skylab Story, I finally received my first royalty check as a book author. (Well, not counting the advance I got when I signed the contract.)

At the same time, I also got my free copy of The World According to Twitter that I received for contributing to the book. For anyone who would like to read something I wrote in a book, but just can’t bring themselves to pick up Homesteading, there’s now a much-more-accessible alternative.

In fact, I’m very proud of the fact that I’m included in the Twitter book for writing one word, of eight letters. It’s got to be pretty close to the low end of original content that has earned someone inclusion in a book. (Making that even cooler is the fact that my good friend Lain Hughes is profiled in the book for being the person who contributed the most to it; most likely making he and I the greatest and least contributors.)

That said, as neat as those two things are, it also drove home why I do this. The royalty check was not particularly large — on the low end of three digits. Which was still better than one of my co-authors, whose invoice actually had a negative number on it. The free Twitter book was certainly more than fair recompense for the time I put into my contribution, which, again, was nothing to write home about. Both items in the mail were neat to receive, but neither was really enough to be the motivation to keep going; I’m not ever going to receive fame, glory or riches for this.

I write because I love it. I write because it’s what I do,