Here Comes The Rain Again

If any of the local crowd is interested, they’ll be showing a video I’m in at church on Sunday morning at Sojourn. My improv troupemate, Wendy Morgan, created the video, which will be shown as part of a series of sermons about Noah, which, in turn, is part of a larger series of sermons on Genesis.

The idea of the video is that it’s supposed to give a different perspective on the ark — what it would really be like to be couped up with your family and a whole lot of animals in a confined space for months. I play one of Noah’s sons — Ham, I believe — and Wendy plays my wife; other people in the church are other ark occupants (“arkupants”?) Basically, it’s just a series of interviews where we talk about the experience as it goes on. I haven’t seen it yet, but hear it’s pretty funny.

The entire video is only a few minutes long, and there’s, what, eight of us in it, or something, so I won’t get a lot of screen time, but if you’ve ever considered visiting Sojourn and seeing what it’s like, this would be the week to do it.

Speaking of which, I had lunch with the pastor of Sojourn, David Thew, yesterday, and really enjoyed the time. God has had me on a journey over the past year to learn more about Him through the ways He is worshipped, and that has involved visiting different churches in the area. I had no idea how that journey was supposed to end, or if it would, but I noticed recently that I’ve been spending a lot of time at Sojourn, and think that it’s where I’m supposed to be now.

Through the house-based church that has been my primary congregation during the last year, I’ve come to believe that pastor should be a relationship rather than a job title, and so I wanted to have the opportunity to sit down with David Thew to get a sense of who he is as a pastor. He’s a man who cares a lot about his Lord, his family, his church and his city, and wants to see the church doing God’s work to both share the gospel — to BE the gospel — and to change lives here.

I’m excited to see where this next phase of my journey takes me.