Weekend Update Redux

OK, been a while since I’ve done a weekend update post. Whether the reappearance is because things have settled down or gotten better, I’m not sure. Hopefully both.

I helped my family move a piano Friday, and, as a result, got to spend a good chunk of time with my niece and nephew. Of all the roles I play on this world, “Uncle David” may very well be my favorite.

I went to the NASA|Art exhibit at the Huntsville Museum of Art again Saturday. If you’re in the Huntsville area and haven’t been, you need to go — it ends August 16.

It was cool seeing it a second time, and it was very cool going in good company, having the opportunity to be a total space geek and share stories inspired by the different paintings for an interested audience.

Saturday night, I played Bunco for the first time ever, at a party hosted by a couple from my improv troupe. I’d never even heard of men playing Bunco before; in my experience, it’s a ladies-night-out sort of thing, so I was hoping that I would discover deep secrets of the female psyche. If, in fact, said secrets were revealed, I missed them. (Still holding out hope that I can accomplish the same thing by reading Twilight, however.) That said, it was a really fun evening; and I enjoyed visiting with friends afterward until the wee hours of the night. God has really been reminding me lately what a great circle of friends I have, which I totally take for granted.

I attended the brief “Intro to Sojourn” class after the service Sunday morning, as part of my realization that apparently, despite my best intents, Sojourn is basically becoming my church (or, at least, my regular large congregation). I had written the pastor this past week about getting together for lunch; one thing that has definitely changed for me over the past year is that I’ve come to see pastor not as a job title but as a relationship, and my involvement in Sojourn would be colored by the extent to which he can fill that role, something I’m rather optimistic about.

It occurred to me sometime between sending that e-mail and church on Sunday morning that this weekend marked one year since my last “official” Sunday at Whitesburg before departing to begin the journey that I’ve been on, so it may be an appropriate time for that journey to begin winding down. I’m not entirely sure what that looks like, but I think the transition has begun, and I’m excited about it.

After the service Sunday morning, Sojourn held a baptism in the Flint River. One of the people being baptised was a friend from my home-Bible-study Journey Group, who has been one of the main people instrumental in helping me to feel welcome and a part of things at Sojourn, so it was a huge honor to be able to be there for her. That said, even if I hadn’t known one of the people, I most likely still would have wanted to go, just to have the experience of witnessing a river baptism.
Michelle being baptised

Michelle being baptised

To be honest, it made me want to rededicate my life, or something, just to be able to do that myself.