She’s A Big Sky

“I want to hear what you hear / A harmony loud and clear / Custom made for your ear, / when you hear what you hear.”
–Garrison Starr, “Big Sky”

I don’t know what was in Garrison Starr’s mind when she was writing the lyrics to Big Sky.

But whatever her intent, the song speaks to my concept of the Tapestry; that God perceives the world in a way we can’t, seeing past all the overlapping threads to be able to observe a beautiful picture too large for us to comprehend. And that He can rearrange those threads in real time; as we make decisions that would seem to mess up the order, He makes a countermove that restores the beauty. I’ve used parts of the song as a prayer, to be able to look beyond my mundane view to better see the world the way He does and to be able to act accordingly: “I want to see what you see / A special kind of beauty.” And on.

I had a small picture of that Saturday night. I got together with some friends to watch fireworks, and we had to decide where to go. A few months ago, I had gone for a walk with my pastor near his house on the mountain, and he had commented that this one particular spot was a great place for watching fireworks. And so, that’s where we went.

The “downside” was that the big shows, most notably Bridge Street, were well in the distance, and lacked the magnitude that they probably would have had up close. But that completely missed the point. What you realize from that vantage point is that the real show has nothing to do with any of the official shows at all. From that vantage point, the entire valley is one big fireworks show — with rather impressive bursts at Bridge Street and Madison and elsewhere, to be sure, but those are just a fraction of what’s going on in neighborhoods and other locales all over, some of which were very impressive in their own right.

So it was neat getting a glimpse of the Tapestry, seeing a fireworks show that we normally miss because we’re too close to what we’re looking at, but that was even more amazing in its own right.