Remember The Time

I’m afraid that I said all I have to say about the death of Michael Jackson over on my other blog, which, really was nothing at all. And, really, what is there to say about his passing? The Michael Jackson that was the definition of cool when I was a kid went away a long time ago.

But I was intrigued by a blog post by a friend, who wrote a a response to the “Where were you when …” discussion. Basically, she heard the news on the radio and then followed it on Twitter for updates.

Making it a bit more meta, my answer to that question is that I heard about his passing from her tweet about his death. In fact, I heard about Farah Fawcett’s death yesterday the same way. (Well, kind of … someone posted a picture of her with no explanation, which made me assume she must have died, so I turned to Google news.)

Anyway, it reminded me of the post and discussion on here a while back about how people heard about Challenger. (Answer — for people my age, generally watching it live on television.)

I’d be curious to hear other people’s experiences with this — How do you hear about major news events? Is there a shift away from traditional media? Have you learned about anything significant through social media? (For me, social media is replacing not so much traditional media but direct interaction as a news source — I think I’m more likely to hear from Twitter or Facebook the things I would have heard from a friend before. Not entirely sure, though.)

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  1. Nice title.

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