OK, I may have been wrong yesterday.

Upon further thought, there’s really not much I need to say about my talk (which was Saturday, not Friday as I wrote yesterday).

I gave a talk to the North Alabama Science Fiction Associiation Saturday about my book, Homesteading Space, basically the same lecture I gave once back in March. Because of everything going on this weekend, my plans to actually review my PowerPoint and notes before didn’t come to fruition, so there were times that I was talking about one slide with no clue what was on the next one. It made for an interesting experience. I definitely got to draw on my improv talents.

And that was something that became very obvious during this one — that’s what I enjoy most about giving these talks, is combining my writer world with my improv world. I enjoy sharing information that I’m passionate about, but it makes me happy to be able to make it interesting and accessible, and I love being able to make people laugh during the talks. In fact, that was one of the highlights of Saturday’s talk — there was a joke that was sort of integral to the presentation, meaning that I couldn’t skip it, that fell completely flat when I gave the talk back in March. This time, it worked, beautifully. Sublime.

The NASFA group was a great audience, and it was really fun sharing with them.

I still hope to get another opportunity to do this again before too long.

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  1. You can always come and give your lecture at my liberry, though I can’t necessarily guarantee there will be an audience…

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