3G S

My new iPhone was activated when it was handed to me.

Many people reading that sentence wouldn’t realize there’s any significance to it. The people like me are aghast.

That means the guy at AT&T opened the box of my iPhone. He took my iPhone out of the box. He handled it. He plugged it in to his system. And then, after he was done with it, and only then, did he give it to me.

For a Mac geek, it’s the equivalent of prima nocta.

So, no unboxing pictures this time. So sad.

That said, wow. I love my new iPhone. More than a little.

I got my last one two years ago, the first weekend the first iPhone was released. The technology has changed a bit since then. The GPS — very fun. The video capability — nice. The compass — uh, compassy. (And, yeah, I actually have made use of it already.)

It surprises me sometimes how fast it is; I’ll be doing a task that should take a while, but that between the faster connection and the faster processor just breezes by. It’s more than a little agreeable.

OK, it’s occurring to me that this post really serves no purposes other than to brag on my new phone. (And, after being the rare iPhone owner for a year, I lost that ability over the past year, when suddenly everybody was getting iPhones, and iPhones that were better than mine.) But, yeah, I really have nothing worthwhile to say other than, “I like it.”

Sorry. Please carry on with your business.

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  1. Man, I can’t wait to get mine. Just have to hold on until August…

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