Another Boring Title

OK, I’ve been kind of quite lately. It’s not necessarily that life’s been that boring, it’s just that nothing’s going on that would be interesting to the mass public. So, I’ve spared you. You’re welcome.

Plus, a fair bit of the recent excitement is stuff that’s coming up, that I’ll probably blog about as it gets closer to time. I got a note that I was selected for jury duty, but not until the week after next, so I’ll have some stuff to say when that time comes. I’m going next Friday to attend the Mississippi Press Association’s annual conference for the first time in … eight years, maybe? I’m really excited about going and being in the newspaper world one more time for an evening. Should be fun. Also next Friday, it’s looking like I’ll probably be replacing my iPhone, so that’s kind of exciting. And then, the next day, I’m giving another lecture about my book.

So, yeah, the next couple of weeks should be interesting. This week, probably wouldn’t be to you.