Weekend Update

Thoughts and stuff from this past weekend:

— Ever had one of those experiences where you feel like you are trying to do something you should be just doing? Friday night’s improv show at Kenny Mango’s was one of those for me. All night long, I felt like I was trying to do improv instead of actually doing improv. And I have no idea what the problem was. I made some bad decisions; for example, I was in a scene where the audience assigned us to be astronauts, and I spent it serving Kool-Aid. I mean, what? Seems like you could have done something more interesting with that suggestion. Beyond that, though, even in my acting, I felt like I was just going through the motions. Interesting. Rehearsal’s tonight, and I may or may not be in a show Thursday, so I need to just pick myself up and dust myself off.

— I hiked the Walls of Jericho again on Saturday. We got an earlier start this time, so saw nobody until we had reached the end of the trail and were ready to turn around, which was very cool. In the midst of it, it’s amazing to get some sense of what this planet looks like in the areas that haven’t been reshaped by man. To be sure, I’m very much a big fan of civilization, but I’m beginning to think that we should all make a point to get an occassional refresher about where it is that we live.

— Speaking of nature, I watched Disney’s Earth movie last night. To be honest, I was dead tired, so might have gotten more out of it had that not been the case, but it was, so there you go. I’ll admit that one of my first reactions was that it was much less preachy than I expected; there were references to warming climates, but it was not at all heavy-handed with it. Beyond that, it was also, to be honest, a little smaller than I expected, especially with a title like “Earth.” It was, throughout, beautiful. The cinematography was phenomenal, and the production was amazing. However, it seemed like the scope could have been larger; with less time spent on more things, rather than an in-depth focus on certain things. However, that’s purely a matter of personal taste.

— I’m getting old. Right now, I really want to go home and take a nap. Alas.

— Best of all, I got to go to church. Oh, sure, I went on Sunday morning, and that was great. My friend Eric Morgan was being installed as an elder and pastor at Sojourn, and it was good to be there for that and for his sermon.

But I also got to go Saturday night, to the home-based church I’m a part of. We don’t even meet every week, so between off-weeks and being in improv shows and traveling to Louisiana and who knows what else, I hadn’t been able to go since January, since before I was engaged. And after everything that’s happened in the last month, I desperately needed to be with my church family. I had even been scheduled to be in a show Saturday night, but begged someone to replace me so that I could go to church. I was hungry.

And it was wonderful. And it was just what I needed to hear; we talked a lot about resting in God. And I realized that was why I was there that night, to rest in Him, to rest in my church family. And I did. I barely said anything for most of the night, contributing all of once to the discussion, before finally asking a question of my own, applying the idea of rest to something I’ve been struggling with recently — the idea of persistence versus surrender. Are we being more faithful to petition the Lord, or to not? Should we ask things in His name, and be steadfast with it, or should we leave it in His hands? Arguments could be made that either is a demonstration of faith and trust? My heart today hurts, and cries out for healing and restoration. But maybe it’s time to let go, and just rest in the knowledge that He’s going to take care of it.

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