Recent Events

Stuff what’s happened this week:

— On Wednesday night, I went to Journey Group for the first time. I’m sort of uncertain about what I’m doing about church right now. I don’t know how the Susanna situation will play out in terms of my continued attendance at Whitesburg, I don’t know how many more churches I needed to visit in my wanderings I’ve been undertaking, and I’m getting to the point where I want a church family that I can meet with a bit more often than my primary congregation.

Of the places I’ve visited, one of the ones I’ve enjoyed most is Sojourn, where my friends Wendy and Eric Morgan go. (Wendy’s a fellow member of the improv troupe.) Other than the fact that I would kind of like to find a place where I could be involved in a good singles group, I really rather like Sojourn — services include great worship and great teaching. So this past Sunday, I picked up a flyer for one of their Journey Groups. Sojourn doesn’t have Sunday School, but does have small groups that meet in homes around town every week. So, I figured, what the heck?

Wednesday proved to be, perhaps, a bad week to go in order to judge the group. The one I picked, rather than doing their usual thing, was having a fellowship night of food and games. Not a bad week to pick for having fun, but tough to judge the theological aspects of it. I did have a good time, however, and met some neat new people, so I’m planning on going back again. I’ll also be attending Sojourn again this Sunday, since Eric is being installed as an elder and pastor in the church.

— Yesterday, I went with some coworkers to visit a local school. I had been invited to come talk to students there based on my talks at the library earlier in the year, and had initially agreed to come do it. After a day or two, though, in a rare bit of humility, I realized that, one, I knew nothing about talking to large groups of elementary school students and, two, was not in any sort of emotional landscape to really do what I needed to do to prepare. So I went to one of my coworkers who is a former elementary school teacher and asked if she would be willing to take my place. Thankfully, she kindly agreed.

I ended up going along, in hopes of learning something in case I was ever asked again. And it was a really neat experience, watching Jo and Denise share about NASA, and seeing the kids’ interest and excitement in learning about what the agency does. And, I did, in fact, learn something in case I’m ever asked again — I really should defer to Jo and Denise again.

— Last night, we celebrated the birthday of a friend of mine by, at her request, attending a theaterical viewing of This American Life. She’s a fan of the radio show, and it turned out that on her birthday, a taping of the radio show was going to be streamed live to theaters around the country.

I have very limited exposure to TAL, having only listened to it as a podcast a few times at Melissa’s recommendation. And it proved to be a very interesting experience watching it live — the irony was that it actually seemed less visual to me. Listening to the podcast, you’re envisioning everything in your head; when someone tells a story, you’re picturing it taking place. When they play clips from an interview, you’re imagining the interviewee talking. During the big screen presentation, however, when someone tells a story, you see that person standing there telling a story. When they play clips from an interview, you see someone push a button to play a clip from an interview. A fascinating bit of irony.

There was one quote I made a note of to send myself. A guy was telling about how he and his girlfriend refused to get married because they — and particularly he — didn’t believe in marriage. They would even try to talk other people out of it. She eventually started asking about it, but he stuck by his guns. Finally, after a particularly traumatic experience that ending up taking over his life because he was obsessed by the principal involved, she said something that caused him to see the light, and he was able to let go of his obsession. And, as a result, ended up marrying her:

“I still didn’t believe in marriage, and really I still don’t. But I believe in her, and I’ve given up on the idea of being right.”

I wonder how much the need to be right has cost me in this life, you know?

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