My First Prom Date

Back in better days, Susanna and I were putting together a decent list of relationship books we were supposed to be reading. There were counseling books from her dad, some we picked out on our own, stuff for the Fireproof class at church, stuff her mom recommended, and stuff for the nearly-wed group at Whitesburg. We were tracking them down piecemeal; a purchase from Barnes and Noble here, one from Family Christian there, an order from Amazon here, etc. And some of them involved us having the same book, while others were his-and-hers selections — a book for guys for me, one for women for her.

So one day, a box from Amazon arrived, and I opened it in front of Susanna and started divying the books up. “Here’s one for you,” I said, “and then here’s my book for the class.” She looked at me rather dubiously, and I looked down and realized that the book I was holding was titled “Becoming The Woman Of His Dreams.”

“Well, sure,” I tried to recover, “I’ve always wanted to become the woman of my dreams.”

And today I finally got the chance:

I was drafted to play in a “This Is Your Life” roast for Dave King, the former director of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

And, hey, for this being my first prom date, a NASA center director’s not half bad, huh?

2 Responses

  1. You did know I have a thing for redheads, right….?

  2. you write prettier than you dress up. just sayin.

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