Life, Again

OK, more random updates:

–I’m going to be in an improv show Saturday night at Kenny Mango’s in Madison. I doubt this piece of information being presented here does anyone any good, but there you go regardless. If you’re reading this here, and haven’t seen it elsewhere, and live in the area, come see us.

–I’ve added a Twitter update box to the sidebar. ‘Cause, hey, why not? I’m sort of right on the Twitter cusp. I use it a fair bit, but tell myself that I’m not as serious about it as some other people I could name.

–We made it successfully through our first official weekend of counseling last week. The future father-in-law seemed pleased with the nine-or-so pages I wrote about the roles and responsilibities of husbands and wives in marriage. I also did an individual session with someone associated his the FFIL’s church (I think) while I was there because, if the internet is to be believed, I have issues. 🙂 The individual session was very beneficial in addressing some unfinished business from the past, and the marriage counseling seemed to evidence that we are moving in the right direction.

–We’ve also made a very small amount of progress decluttering my house in preparation for merging households. It’s kind of impressive, in a way, how much stuff I’ve accumulated over the course of thirty-something years. And when I saw a small amount of progress, I’m speaking relatively. I doubt we could find as much to throw away at Susanna’s house as we’ve already ditched from mine; large garbage cans full. And, yet, there’s so much still do be done. It’s wonderful having Susanna to partner with me in this, to let me tell the stories of some emotional touchstones so that I can part with them, to help me sort through stuff and decide what to do with it, and to be willing to look me in the eyes and tell me — in love and honesty — that, no, I really don’t need that many Optimus Primes (Optimi Prime?). Slowly but surely …

–Battlestar Galactica is over, and I got to watch the finale with friends in Jackson, which was quite cool. With BSG wrapped, Lost is the only show I’m still watching. Another year and change of that, and I plan to be done; I have no plans to start new shows in the meantime. After all, I don’t really want to watch Caprica, do I?

–Nope, no update on a wedding, so don’t ask. Nyah!

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