OK, I’ve not written in a week. Shameful, I know. I’ve been kind of busy. So what’s going on?

  • I haven’t seen Watchmen yet, contrary to my last post. Maybe tonight. Maybe this weekend. Who knows?

  • Still no wedding date, so stop asking already, OK?

    In all seriousness, Susanna and I have decided to step back and err on the side of caution. With me coming out of a divorce a year and a half ago, and her coming out of an even-more-recent broken engagement, we’ve agreed that we both need to be very careful. It’s easy to let pre-marriage counseling become just something you cross of the checklist as you plan a wedding, and we decided that we needed to make a conscious effort to not let it be that way. As a result, we’re making counseling our first priority right now, and, in order to not let it get marginalized, delaying setting a date until we’re further into the process and have a feel for how it’s going.

    We’re fortunate that we have a huge help in that area in the form of Susanna’s dad, who is a pastor in Louisiana and will be performing our ceremony. He has a policy that before he will perform a wedding, he has to lead the couple through counseling, and his children are no exception. I have a lot of respect for her dad, and am grateful for his wisdom, experience and insight as we go through this.

    In the meantime, it’s going to mean a lot of trips to Louisiana. We went last weekend and two weeks before that; we’re going again next weekend, and Easter, and are still working on the trips beyond that. Pray for vehicular sturdiness.

  • I gave another talk at the library Tuesday night.

    Unlike the last one, which was an overview of health and fitness through the past and future of spaceflight, this one was strictly about the book.

    How sad is it that I enjoyed the material more last time? 😉

    In all seriousness, this one was still a lot of fun, even if I really do think I had more fun last time. Several reasons for that, I imagine. That said, it was a great crowd; I was speaking to HAL5, the local chapter of the National Space Society, so it was an audience of people quite well-versed in spaceflight.

    Unlike last time, Susanna was able to make it, and was a great sport in indulging my space-geekery.

    These last two lectures are the first real public speaking I’ve done probably since college, and were surprisingly agreeable. (I imagine that my experience with improv, and particularly hosting improv shows, has contributed a lot to that.) I don’t have any more talks scheduled, but would really kind of like to give another one sometime. We’ll see.

  • I’ve got a hot date tonight!

    Tonight is a year since Susanna and I first had dinner together, since our “first date.” Or, at least, our first first date.

    Technically, we’d had dinner before that, at the singles potluck dinner where we met, at Ruby Tuesday after church the following Thurday, and at an Italian restaurant after church three days later, when we had the fight that basically made it imperative that I ask her out.

    She agreed, we went out, had a wonderful time, and after a great dinner (that she let me pay for) and literally hours of incredible conversation, she revealed that she had absolutely no interest in dating me.

    The really sad thing is, I’d rehearsed that very scenario in improv practice two days earlier.

    So tonight we’re going back to P.F. Chang’s, where we had that first dinner a year ago. But this time, she’s paying. 🙂

  • In case you haven’t seen, there’s a shuttle launch coming up.

    STS-119 is currently scheduled for 6:43 p.m. CDT on Sunday, March 15, pending the results of analysis of the cause of a hydrogen leak, and what has to be done to repair it. The date could change, so check in at nasa.gov for the latest.

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