One Year

The ironic thing is, if, when I woke up a year ago today, someone had told me that day would change my life, I would have easily believed them. (I would have wondered what the heck they were doing in my room, but I would have believed them.)

If someone had told me I was going to have lunch with a woman with whom, a year later, I would be planning our wedding, again, I would have believed it, and been excited about how the day was going to go.

I would have had no clue.

I would have assumed they were talking about my plans, after weeks of waiting and planning, to ask someone out after church that day. Which I did. She totally rejected me. For which I am extremely grateful, both to her and to our Father.

The girl in question is a wonderful person, and is going to be a wonderful partner for someone. But not me, and wouldn’t have been.

So I had no clue what would happen that day.

Susanna actually remembers me before March 2; remembers a discussion we both contributed to in Sunday School well before that. I remember the discussion, but in my memory her contributions were attributed to someone else. I have no memory of any awareness of her before the morning of 2 March 2008.

But the awareness began pretty quickly that day. I still remember comments she made in Sunday School that morning, and thinking, “Who IS this person?” She was independent and iconoclastic and had a personality. She was unique.

And then, as things worked out — providence, if you will — she ended up sitting next to me at the potluck lunch. I’ll admit that my focus was elsewhere; the girl I planned to ask out was sitting across the table from us. But even in my distracted state, Susanna still made an impression. She was intelligent; brilliant in the way of someone who actually thinks about things. She was clearly knowledgeable about a variety of things; knowledge of someone who took her education seriously, who was well-read, and who had unique experiences in her background — she was obviously someone who had lived life. She was great to talk; she had no shame over her opinions, and no qualms about sharing them, and she brought interesting things to the conversation. And, to be sure, she was attractive, in a way that someone might be if they were there to catch my attention personally. Not only attractive, but a very David-specific attractive. Not that I cared anything about that at that point.

And all of that from just the limited interaction that morning. I didn’t know her, and was way too shy to even think about asking her out, and, besides, was there on a specific mission that day. But I will admit having the thought to myself that, while I was interested in this other person, I wished that, in some ways, she was more like Susanna.

So there was no ulterior motive when I took note of Susanna’s name so that I could look her up on Facebook later; no intent other than welcoming her to the class and pointing her toward some singles-group resources that were online there. No thought then that I might ever ask her out; again, my mind was elsewhere.

Like I said, I had no clue.

I went about my planned business after the potluck, and got totally and gracefully shot down.

I also contacted Susanna on Facebook. And she wrote back. And I wrote back. And she wrote back. And we talked at church on Thursday. And fought at lunch after church on Sunday. And we had dinner together on Wednesday. She made it some degree of clear then that she had no interest in dating me, but somewhere along the way we became each other’s best friend.

And during those early weeks, every step along the way, just as at the potluck, I learned a little something new about her, and became a little more impressed with her, and liked her a little bit more. And the really cool thing, that’s still happening today. And every time it does, I thank God for how right she is for me. Yeah, that other girl was a great person, but she wouldn’t have been great for me. Susanna, on the other hand? Yeah, it’s amazing how God can take two people, who have walked two different roads, and bring them together and match them so perfectly.

Looking back on all that’s transpired since, it’s hard to believe it’s just been a year; it’s been an interesting one, to be sure. And, yeah, I could not have imagined any of it.

Now, with the ring that’s around her finger, I have some idea of where the journey takes us over the next year. But, even so, I’m aware there’s a lot yet to be written before 2 March 2010.

And I very much look forward to the adventure, and sharing it with her.

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