So I got to meet Nathan yesterday.

Well, “meet” is a little strong. I got to see Nathan for a while, through a window, from several feet away. Hopefully we’ll get to do a bit better than that soon.

Nathan is my nephew (my first official nephew, even if I’m already “Uncle David” to my future sister-in-law’s children. [For the record, I like being “Uncle David.” A lot.]). More fully, Jonathan McDonald Hitt, Jr. He was born yesterday afternoon. Six pounds, 13 ounces. Nineteen inches. And he is, of course, adorable.

I got to visit with Jonathan and Erin for a while. They’re doing well, and Erin looked great.

I was very glad that I got to share the experience with Susanna; that she was there with me to go up and talk to Jonathan and Erin, and that we were together to see Nathan for the first time.

This is definitely an area where God is blessing me, big time. It was very hard for me losing contact with Lila Grace, my first niece, after the divorce. But, wow. Two years ago, I had two nieces. A year ago, one. (Granted, a very amazing niece, whom I love very very much, and whom I’ve enjoyed spending a little more time with lately.) A few months from now, I’ll have nine! I’ve only met four of the seven I’m marrying into, but am kinda fond of them already. 🙂

And, while we weren’t married when they were born, and thus not technically the aunt or uncle from the beginning, for Radford, born in July, and Nathan, born yesterday, Susanna and I will just always have been their aunt and uncle. And that’s very cool.

Going to see a new niece or nephew for the first time is such an incredible thing. To walk into the building, having not seen this person, and yet already loving them wholeheartedly. It’s just kind of weird.

Anyway, enough rambling. Welcome to the world, Nathan! I look forward to getting to know you!

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  1. Wait until you get up to 16 or so nieces and nephews (all in your family) and about 10 great nieces and nephews (again, all in your family). You kind of start losing count. That’s when you start handing out name tags at Christmas and Thanksgiving. 🙂

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