… And Counting

Susanna has considered changing blogging approaches with the impending marriage; one of the ideas that was discussed was a joint blog, that would basically just have her posts and my posts intermixed. I mention that because if we were doing that now, readers of this blog would actually know about the wedding, since she writes about things like picking a date and where planning stands, and even stuff like china pattern decisions and how I proposed in the first place.

I, on the other hand, did mention that we set a date.

That date, by the way, was two months away, yesterday. Less than that today, and tomorrow will be even less. (Assuming this whole passage-of-time thing works the way I suspect.)

It’s incredible. It’s amazing. And, yeah, OK, it’s a bit overwhelming. Less than two months. I’m very very very very very very much looking forward to it, to be sure. But thinking about all that has to happen between now and then is daunting. And not just stuff like, “invitations have to be sent out right freakin’ now,” but also things like, “are we sure about what we want to do about medical insurance?” and “when are we going to find time to do the pre-marriage counseling materials her dad wants us to do?” (Her dad being the pastor that’s going to perform the marriage; that’s why he gets to assign us counseling materials — though I won’t say for sure he wouldn’t get to otherwise.)

Fortunately, I’m marrying an incredible woman. It has been amazing for me to see this wedding coming together from nothing hardly any time ago at all. I’ve been every so slightly involved, but in saying that feel very much like the kid from the old Shake ‘N Bake commercial: “It’s a wedding! And I helped!” Yeah, I’ve done stuff like aim the gun while we register, but have no delusions of having made material contributions to this thing, other than, maybe, the occassional “Why don’t we …?” when challenges arise.

Susanna, on the other hand, stays not only five steps ahead of me in all of this, but from my seat, appears to be a step or two ahead of the game. “Have you thought about…?” “Yep, it’s already done.” It’s an awesome thing to watch. It’s also incredible to see her heart on display through all of this. This is our big day, and, even beyond that, her big day (and I really want it to be exactly that), but whenever she can, she tries to defer to the happiness and wishes of her family or my family or other stakeholders. She’s a very sweet, generous person with a very kind heart — something I’ve long known — and it makes me realize how blessed I am to see it in action now.

Sure, there have been moments when it’s been frustrating for her, and I’m slowly working to be more supportive in those times, but she always quickly bounces back, works the problem, resolves it brilliantly, and moves on. As her friend for months, I saw these skills on display when she was off being incredible at work, but it’s kind of different and far more rewarding to be on the receiviing end of that brilliance.

Uh, sorry, didn’t mean for this to be just me gushing. Still haven’t shared any actual info, huh? We’re getting married on Easter, which I’ve said. At the Huntsville Art Museum; on the porch facing Big Spring Park, which should be pretty. We’re registered at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. There will most likely be some sort of dessert reception. And, uh, that, really, is pretty much what I know. But I know it’s under control.

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