kindle in front of books
I fancy myself an odd blend of a technophile and a Luddite. I got an iPhone the first weekend it came out, but keep the ringtone set to the “old telephone” ring — I believe firmly that telephones should sound like telephones. My stereo system plays mp3s and LPs. I have a Blu-Ray player, but none of the variety of equipment to improve TV viewing — no Netflix downloading; I don’t use TiVo; etc. I probably inherited this from my parents. My dad got us an early home computer when very few people had them. My mom takes advantage of my dad going on business trips by turning off the power and pretending to be Amish.

I realized today when debating whether to post about the Kindle 2 that there is probably no device that better captures that dichotomy. My thoughts on the Kindle, in general, are as follows:

1) I abhor the Kindle, and all that it represents.

2) Oooooh, shiny!

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