Moving Forward

Susanna and I had lunch Sunday with my coworker Heather and her family. They’d only met once before, back in the “we’re just friends” days, and Heather had suggested that it would be nice to get together again now that we’re engaged and get to know each other better in the new dynamic. It was a great idea, and we had a great time having lunch with them. It was also good fun watching Heather and Susanna, both of whom I know really well but who don’t know each other, having conversations about stuff they have in common that I was just left out of.

They also gave us our first engagement gift, the box in the picture above. Someone had given them a similar box, and they had used it to save mementos as they moved toward their wedding, so they thought they would do the same for us. It was a really sweet gesture, and I’m looking forward to filling it as we move forward. And I also think it will be fun to do the same for another newly engaged couple at some point in the future.

That said, it turns out there’s not going to be a lot of time to collect mementos of wedding planning. We had a really great talk with my parents Sunday afternoon, and then a follow-up discussion with her family via phone that evening, and there’s now a date — we’re getting married Easter Sunday!!

It was the result of a lot of back and forth about ideas for dates and venues and format, etc., with a lot of ideas being developed and discussed and worked out and fallen-in-love-with only to then fall apart. So finally it came down to, is it possible for this to work, and since it works better than any other idea proposed, OK, let’s make it happen. There will likely be some trade-offs to getting married on Easter, but it will give our wedding date a lot of significance for us, which is very exciting.

On the flip side, wow, what a change a day can make. On Saturday, we were having discussions about, how, at some point, we were going to have to do X and Y. On Monday, that point was right now! Conversations about things like, “hey, do you have any thoughts about what sort of invitations you might like so that we can order samples online?” became, “OK, what night this week can we go somewhere here in town and buy invitations because they must be purchased and sent immediately.”

We’ve got less than two and a half months to plan a wedding, and that’s only the half of it. At the same time, we have to be laying the groundwork for our married household. What are we doing about houses? Bank accounts? Medical insurance? Etc. All things that we’ve discussed, to be sure, but now things that have moved from the talk stage to the action stage, and it’s very different.

So, yeah, it should be an interesting ten weeks. But it’s also very nice knowing that we’re only ten weeks away from starting our married lives together.

In the meantime, however, you’re more than welcome to pray for peace and sanity for us.

2 Responses

  1. location? city?


    what can I do to help?

  2. Huntsville Museum of Art. Exact time in the afternoon TBD, I think.

    Beyond the very serious request for prayer, we appreciate the offer for help, and will let you know if we know of anything.

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