Most Improved

It’d been a while. Too long, apparently.

My improv troupe, Face2Face, held rehearsal last night for the first time since mid-November. (In fact, as it turns out, the last time we had rehearsal was the night [or two] before Susanna and I started dating, so the fact that life is completely different than last time I went makes it seem even longer.)

In the past, I have found that it actually has a noticable adverse effect on me to miss too much rehearsal. After two weeks off, I’m very ready to get back to my routine. This time, I was distracted a bit from lack of rehearsal the first couple of weeks, and had sort of settled into a new routine by this week; it was hard to baseline the impact being off was having. So I was curious what it was going to be like resuming rehearsal this week, other than being excited about it.

The answer — I was rusty.

Oh, gracious, I was rusty. During my first scene during rehearsal, I just couldn’t come up with anything. I couldn’t get into character to my satisfaction. I was reduced to lying on the floor doing pratfalls. So sad.

And have I mentioned that I have to be ready to work in a show Saturday? I couldn’t even hack it at rehearsal, and I have to be ready to do this for real in a few days. Hmmmm.

That said, it did get a bit better as the night went on. I found myself gettting back into the groove a little, and having a little bit more fun with it.

In part, that was because of two scenes that were just cathartically fun. Trevor and I did a scene about two fighting brothers that ended up with us both just bawling over each other, and it was weirdly enjoyable to be just unabashedly emotional like that on stage. It let me get some stuff out, which is, at its best, one of the best side effects of doing improv; the opportunity to channel stuff into characters that you don’t get out in real life. Similiarly, Mathis and I did a scene together where we were both irresistable, which, coincidentally, was what we were playing in the scene. Again, just so much fun to be silly with a good friend.

But, really, to varying degrees, the whole night was like that. My troupemates are some of my best friends, and I had missed them, and our work together, very much. It was so good to be back among them.

So, yeah, I probably still need to limber up a bit before Saturday, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’m back.