New Old Friends

I’m going to a wedding this weekend.

I’ve met the bride once. I’ve never met the groom.

I know one of the bridesmaids. There will be two other people in the audience I’ve met once. And that’s it.

And I asked to come. I’m driving seven hours, by myself, on Saturday, to attend.

One of the main reasons I’m going is that I’m dating the one bridesmaid I know. So there’s that. And the two attendees I’ve met are her parents, whom it probably wouldn’t hurt for me to spend more time with.

But the other big reason for going is that the bride is Susanna’s best friend, Jen. And I had the realization this week that while right now, I am somewhat interested in attending Jen and David’s wedding, there will probably come a day that I will be very glad I was there.

The wedding will be the first time I meet “The Other David.” (Well, realistically, I’m probably the “other” David, but this is my blog, so I get to decide who’s what.) And it’s just sort of weird that, because of the role Jen plays in Susanna’s life, these people are going to end up being a part of mine. It’s weird to think that I’m going to go meet someone for the first time Saturday, knowing from before I do that he’s going to be one of my good friends. And I’ll be glad to have been at their wedding.

So, here’s to making memories that will one day be important.

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  1. And we’re so glad you were there to meet my David, having met 3 other people (including me) only once. Here’s to futurely important people who are presently important!

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